Chapter 01: The Bio
First off, I want to thank you for taking the time to check out my work! My name's Matt, and I'm a resident of Columbia, South Carolina, and I LOVE photography. As most of us usually say, I’m never quite sure what to say about myself when we’re put on the spot to say something but I do know that I love to talk about all things photography, so let’s do that!
My photography is at the intersection of my love of creating art and my desire to help others see something in themselves that they may not otherwise see. This is not only about taking pictures of "beautiful" people; this is about taking beautiful pictures of REAL people. This is for those that feel they need to lose ____ pounds before they can enjoy a photoshoot, or those that never see their body type, skin tone, or hair represented in the media or "the beauty standard", for those that feel like they just aren't pretty enough...
My work is for YOU!!! Because we all deserve to see and feel how beautiful we truly are <3
Chapter 02: "Hey Matt, I have questions . . ."
If you've checked out my work, and read this far, then you likely have some questions about how your photoshoot would work. Well, if you have questions, I have answers! In fact, I can probably answer a few of them before you even ask me.

"Hey Matt, what exactly do you shoot?"
I shoot standard portraits, headshots, boudoir, and fine art nude photography.

"So . . . what should I wear?" a.k.a. "Do I HAVE to be naked!?"
You can wear (or NOT wear) whatever you want! Again, this is about YOU and what makes you feel good, feel comfortable, feel sexy . . . whatever you want to feel during your shoot.

"Ok, I’m with you so far. Where do we shoot?"
Being as this is about you being comfortable with yourself and capturing who you truly are, the boudoir/fine art photos are typically shot in your home; it’s your comfort zone, after all. Portraits and headshots can also be shot at your home or any photogenic public place (within reason and legal guidelines of course). Local studio rentals are a great option as well.

"Hey Matt, I'm not sure I want these shared online . . ."
That's OK!!! First and foremost, this photoshoot is for YOU. That means you get final say on what, if anything at all, goes on social media, and how you will be credited if you choose. If you want, you can give permission to share and remain anonymous. Its whatever makes you feel comfortable. Just know, I will never post anything you don't give me express permission to share. 
Chapter 03: What it’s like to work with Matt
"Matt's versatility of interest shines through in sessions. His portfolio displays  a love nature that ranges from the beauty of the outdoors, the au natural and the supernatural with his nod to sci-fi. Whatever the theme it's executed beautifully. You won't find a photographer with a better heart and vision."
"These photos look amazing to me! I will always be grateful for your cameras and seeing what I didn't."
"You have a better eye and more skill than MANY photographers I've worked with. I truly love the photos. I looked at the photos and was shocked, especially with the limiting light and setting that you worked with. Beautiful job"
"Matt and myself started our journey together; mine being a modelling journey and his as a photographer, and in that time I have been lucky to be able to work with him and experience his growth. I've been in front of a camera many times in my life, but the experience with Matt was and has always been different. There is an aura that instantly makes you feel comfortable and as if you can be yourself. With this I find I can truly push past normal insecurities and focus on the task at hand. The sessions are always personal and the product is always immaculate. Communication is never lacking and true understanding of the human form and lighting is always consistent."
"Such a joy to shoot with!"
Chapter 04: "Alright, I'm ready to do this, how do I book you ???"
You can book me right here: [ ]
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